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Did you know that even though a well-functioning boiler or heat pump provides you with a dependable supply of heat and hot water it also accounts for the largest portion of your total energy costs? For maximum energy efficiency and to keep your heating bill as low as possible, ensure that heating systems are consistently well maintained with professional repair and maintenance from Heating and Cooling Factor LLC serving Newark and surrounding regions.

Balancing Your Energy Consumption

Since heating your home makes up the bulk of your energy costs, heat pump and boiler repair from a licensed professional is essential to balancing your household budget. Learn more about the most efficient heating upgrades that offer significant savings when combined with the latest industry technology. Advanced centralized heating systems and new energy saving devices that include Smart thermostats offer superior temperature control without sacrificing comfort. Our heating and cooling professionals provide homeowners in Newark and surrounding regions with a free heat pump or boiler inspection that includes a wide range of energy and cost saving HVAC solutions.

Heat Pump and Boiler Repair Maintenance Plans

If your home is drafty in certain areas or if you've notice a peculiar smell when the heat is on, contact our qualified technicians for a free evaluation. An out of date boiler, or an older model heat pump requires regular maintenance to ensure safety and efficiency. Our licensed professionals provide accurate written quotes for any type of heating system repair that also include estimates for parts and labor. Heat & Cooling Factor LLC never applies hidden costs but always includes a reliable guarantee with the option for convenient service plans to ensure that you're never left out in the cold during unpredictable winter weather.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Maintenance or Repairs

No appliance lasts forever, unfortunately, but you can at least avoid springing for a premature boiler or heat pump replacement by providing it with the maintenance or repairs it needs from Heating and Cooling Factor LLC’s expert technicians. Of course, to get the maintenance or repairs your boiler needs involves knowing what the telltale signs are. So, to make sure your boiler doesn’t rapidly deteriorate, these are the signs that you need to call (877) 773-9289 and schedule a boiler inspection as soon as possible.

No hot water. The most obvious sign that there is something wrong with your boiler is that you are suddenly without any hot water. You might notice this because there is no hot water coming out of the pipes or there’s no heat coming from your radiators, or both. If the city of Newark is doing infrastructure work nearby, then this is a surefire sign that there is something wrong with your boiler. The first thing we’ll check when you call us in is the pressure gauge. If the pressure is lower than one, it’s definitely a pressure issue.

Otherwise, it might be a broken part or valve inside the boiler that needs replacing.

Banging noises. There is nothing worse than getting woken up in the middle of the night because strange and excessively loud banging noises from your boiler are echoing throughout your home. Sometimes, these awful banging noises are the result of air in the system. If it is air in the system causing the banging, whistling or gurgling sounds, it’s not that serious.

What is serious is that the cause of the banging could be that your pipes aren’t fitted correctly and they knock together as heated air and water goes through them. If this is the problem, we can easily refit or adjust your boiler’s pipes. Another common reason your boiler is creating these frightening banging noises is because the pump is failing. As your boiler’s pump deteriorates, it gets louder and louder. Let us take a look and we will determine the nature of the problem and the best way to fix it.

Leaking or dripping. Since your boiler’s purpose is to heat water, and hot water corrodes metal much faster than cold water, leaks are almost always caused by corrosion. Of course, there are pieces and parts that can corrode faster than others. For example, the pipes and valves are more likely to corrode sooner than other pieces. If you have spotted water pooling around your boiler, give us a call today and we will conduct a thorough inspection to find all leaks and areas that may be susceptible to leaks while devising a way to move forward.

These are the most common signs that your boiler requires maintenance, however if you suspect that your boiler isn’t performing at maximum efficiency, give us a call. We will be glad to conduct a thorough inspection of your system to make sure any deficiencies are corrected.

Verify Boiler Safety

A boiler that has seen better days not only wastes money and heats your home unevenly, but can be the source of some serious safety hazards. Protect your property and peace of mind with an annual boiler inspection that includes an essential carbon monoxide safety check.

Installing a New Boiler or Heat Pump

If your present heating system is out of date, it may be functioning with a faulty combustion process that is costing you quite a bit of extra cash. Although repair and regular maintenance may keep your heat pump or boiler going for a while longer, a new more efficient model will end up costing much less than the continued expense for service, new parts and wasteful energy consumption. Today's new energy efficient models allow consumers to save hundreds of dollars per year on heating bills.

Consult with the Heat and Cooling Factor LLC experts for qualified recommendations on heating upgrades for your home in Newark and surrounding regions. Our experienced technical team and friendly staff customize each installation that includes an extended warranty and a range of payment plan options. We take pride in our work and complete each new heat pump and boiler installation in a timely and organized manner. Contact us to learn more and to schedule a free consultation.